The activity of our clinic is based on the quality of the services; we use all the instruments to reach this goal. Often our operations take the double time of the average, because we don't leave out anything to achieve more lasting outcomes either in function or in esthetics ( for example, we sistematically use the dental dam in conservative and endodontics and we often control our operativity with the microscope ).

The dental clinic, restructured recently, is perfectly according to law with regard both to equipment's installation and to safety . It has also been completely renewed in the equipment : there are three operating rooms, each of them with a dental device.
One of the rooms is equipped for the dental hygiene, the other two are operating rooms, both with digital radiographic devices and "R V G" (immediate vision of the x–ray on the computer monitor, without developing), with an intra-oral camera and a dental microscope. In another room there is an "Orthopantomograph", a device used to take panoramic radiographic - views, wich is also digital and with an immediate vision on the computer. In the sterilization area, all the instruments are washed in an "ultrasonic tank", with special detergents then, after rinsing and drying them, they are put into envelopes and alternatively in the two steam autoclaves used for the sterilization.

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