Implantology is a technique able to replace one, more or even all teeth to that patients who occurred to miss them, thanks too the insertion of special "Titanium screws" in the areas where requested. Titanium is a highly bio-compatible material that never causes rejection.
Periodontology is the science concerning the care of "periodontum" diseases. Periodontum is the whole of the substaining tooth tissues: gingiva, alveolar bone, ligament and radicular cementum.

These diseases, if not treated, could lead to a progressive teeth mobility up to the loss of them.
There are different types of periodontitis that need to be treated in different ways, so it is very important to formulate a correct diagnosis first. Doc. Gaetani is an expert of regenerative techniques too (Regeneration). Regeneration that are able to regenerate the substaining tissues around a tooth or an implant, when indicated.

Bleaching is a cosmetic therapy allowing to obtain a better smile whitening your teeth.

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